My Vintage Inspirations


Alex Raskin Antiques – Noble Hardee House, Savannah, GA



I recently took a trip to Savannah.  I’ve been there quite a few times but it was usually with small children, walking along River Street and buying candy.  This was a visit for ME and I wanted to see the historic section of town and wander around, learning history and taking photos.

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Antique Photo-Gallery Blog

I’ve had an obsession with antique photos since I was very young.  Other children collected toys and I collected antique photos on shopping excursions with my Mom.  One Christmas my Mom gave me a very old and fragile Victorian velvet photo album to hold my photos which to me, was better than getting the latest …

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I feel like June Cleaver when I wear my aprons!


I am one of the messiest cooks I know. I probably don’t look it but watch out when I’m in the kitchen; I have everything all over and once I get started, the flour is flying and something always ends up on the ground. No worries for me – that’s what dogs are for, right? …

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My Favorite Things are Family Heirlooms – Antique Recipe Box


There are six children in my family and I was always Mom’s helper, especially in the kitchen. I was Martha Stewart before there was a Martha Stewart! I was the kid that always designed carnivals, haunted houses, mazes, bake sales and made money from the neighborhood kids. I was a gardener with my Dad, helped …

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