Things I Make – Not Bake


Super Bowl Spectacular Food & Decorations

Super Bowl snackadium2

My brain whirls with ideas 24/7 so it was great fun to put together a big game spread for Atlanta & Co. I’m not really into football that much but who says you have to be to enjoy a party with friends. On game day I’m all about the three F’s (friends, food, fun).  I …

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I have 3 boys and they all went through a phase where they wore graphic tee shirts all day, every day.  Being the ultimate recycler, I would save them, thinking maybe the younger son would wear the cool shirts from his older brother but, alas, there was no way they would be seen in the …

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Creativeness flows through my blood 24/7, whether it’s in food, event design or construction.  Many may know me as a baker but if you lived anywhere near me over the years, you know that I am June Cleaver, Martha Stewart and Bob Vila rolled into one (I’m aging myself).  Inspiration comes to me in everything …

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What I did with $1000 budget and my creative mind


I like to decorate for holidays and events and when a local woman was putting together a huge Kentucky Derby fundraiser for the local children’s hospital, she knew who to ask about design work. I was asked if I could decorate a whole estate with a budget of $1000. The location they were holding it …

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