My Vintage Inspirations

I feel like June Cleaver when I wear my aprons!

I am one of the messiest cooks I know. I probably don’t look it but watch out when I’m in the kitchen; I have everything all over and once I get started, the flour is flying and something always ends up on the ground. No worries for me – that’s what dogs are for, right? My dog Yoshi loves it when I bake and fights for his spot by my feet so I can get the ingredients that fall on the ground.

My children always joked about how messy I was and I should cover my clothes because they were always spilled on so one year for Christmas they had the great idea to buy me a chefs apron. That apron then started my obsession with aprons. I enjoy a vintage look so I started looking at vintage aprons. Oh my gosh, they can be so expensive on Ebay & Etsy so I would snag one here and there when I found one at a flea market for under $5. I love the colors, patterns and hand stitching. Aprons make me happy.

When I was picked to be on American Baking Competition I had the scary thought that now the whole world would be in on my little secret; that I’m messy! How was I going to bake something, with the clock ticking, and try to look nice and neat. Well, it wasn’t gonna happen, not if I wanted to do well on the show. The bake was more important than what my station or my clothes looked like so I just went for it. On set at CBS, many times the culinary department would come by and ask if they could move all my bowls and equipment to the side because they couldn’t get a shot of me. The cameras couldn’t even see me with the piles of equipment in front of me. Luckily, most of the time, my clothes weren’t spilled on.

Everyone wore an apron back in the day and they were so beautiful. I have amassed a great collection over the years and wore a different apron each day on set. I probably have an apron to match every outfit I own. Love me my aprons!!!

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