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My Favorite Things are Family Heirlooms – Antique Recipe Box

There are six children in my family and I was always Mom’s helper, especially in the kitchen. I was Martha Stewart before there was a Martha Stewart! I was the kid that always designed carnivals, haunted houses, mazes, bake sales and made money from the neighborhood kids. I was a gardener with my Dad, helped with home projects, designed things in the house and enjoyed learning how to sew and bake from my Mom. At Christmas time we would be sitting in the kitchen for days, making thousands of cookies and where was everyone else? Nowhere to be found! My Mom used to say, “remember the Little Red Hen” to my siblings so they would help. It never worked. That was the story about the hen that asks for help in planting her wheat and no one volunteers. When her wheat was harvested and bread was made, then they want to eat it! That’s what happened in our home but it never bothered me. I loved to bake and so did my Mom and we never had any problem with finding someone to eat!

When I was a teenager, my Mother gave me the recipe box that was passed down to her. The box is from my Great Grandmother, Mary Roeser, who if living would be 145 years old!!! This recipe box has always been in a prominent place in every home and I cherish it so much. I can’t even imagine having only enough recipes to fit in that box but back in the day they only had their tried-and-true favorites. One day I will pass this box onto my daughter. I keep my Mother’s favorite recipes in the box, that she typed on index cards. I still use the recipes on a regular basis. There’s nothing like family tried-and-true recipes!

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