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Super Bowl Spectacular Food & Decorations

My brain whirls with ideas 24/7 so it was great fun to put together a big game spread for Atlanta & Co. I’m not really into football that much but who says you have to be to enjoy a party with friends. On game day I’m all about the three F’s (friends, food, fun).  I always stuff myself silly (I hope I’m not the only one) and especially enjoy the commercials. Why can’t they always be that funny?

I started getting to know the teams playing a little better and finding out their colors. Team colors are the most important thing for me when I put together a party like this.

Super Bowl spread

My first easy idea for a centerpiece on the table was to take an old champagne bucket that I got as a wedding present __ years ago. (I’m not telling). Back in the day, did any of us ever drink enough champagne that we needed a bucket as a present? HA! Well, I must say, that bucket has come in handy for many uses not dealing with champagne so it was a wonderful everlasting gift. I added a foam brick into the bucket and honestly, I didn’t even secure it in there. I added green moss on top, placed a football on top of the moss, made a few pennants with stiff felt and added the sparkly “50” and sparkly stars leftover from Christmas wrapping and it’s done! It was so easy and a really great display place.

Super Bowl centerpiece

Next I made a banner using teams colors in shirts. Yes, thrift store shirts!!! If you know me, you know I don’t do anything plain so I bought shirts in team colors during half price day so none of these four shirts cost more than $1.50. I folded a piece of paper in half, cut a pennant shape and then cut it out of cardboard. I fused iron-on interfacing to the back of the shirt pieces I was going to use and then cut out two pennants of each shirt, using the cardboard pattern as my guide. I glued the edge of each pennant over some dollar rope I had, leaving a slight space between each pennant so I could tie a scrap strip of fabric between each one, and it’s done! This would look great hanging on a table, above a doorway, on a mantel, or ?

Super Bowl banner

I made my Halftime Tots which are really easy and taste amazing. Everyone loves bacon, especially during sports. I have more on that and a recipe understand a separate post called Halftime Tots.

Super Bowl tots

My food centerpiece and “snackadium” was made to look like a football field. In the center I used a small cookie sheet that cost $1, loaded it with refried beans, salsa, a sour cream layer mixed with taco seasoning, finely grated cheddar cheese and topped with a prepared guacamole to simulate the field. I took half a package of room temp cream cheese, added a bit of sour cream to soften it and piped field lines over the guacamole. I made football players by using baby carrot sticks and I carved out helmets using black olives. I was going to use green olives for one team but, oops, bought the wrong ones and no time to go back to the store, so, you make do. Goal posts were made from Slim Jims and toothpicks.

Super Bowl snackadium2

Super Bowl snackadium

I cut foil pans in half and notched them to slide a bit under the cookie sheet. Each of those contained a different kind of chip. I designed this to contain the chips and make it more manageable, without spending a lot.

Super Bowl pans

I made two strombolis, one for each side. I made one with pepperoni and cheese and one was buffalo chicken. My snackadium was then placed on a large foiled-covered foam board. During the party, the strombolis were cut and it was game on!!!

Lastly, I made football cupcakes, piping grass and using a chocolate mold to make mini footballs and white candy melts to pipe goal posts that hardened and were gently placed on each cupcake.Super Bowl cupcakes


The showstopper here was the display piece I made using a $3 football helmet I sprayed white and a $2 plastic charger I had leftover from Christmas where I placed one screw through the center and it made a darling carrier for my football cupcakes.  Super Bowl display helmet


Have fun during the big game and snack away!!!

Super Bowl helmet


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